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October 16, 2014

Diwali is synonymous to lights, sweets, cleanliness and celebrations.

The festival of lights and joy is around the corner! Deepawali is heralded as the triumph of good over evil. It is celebrated on the occasion of Lord Ram, the banished king of Ayodhya returning home after having vanquished the demon, Ravan. This implies getting rid of the darkness and negativity that dwells within and outside.




The cleaning of house and workplace represents cleaning our minds of all the negative emotions, like Greed, Envy and Anger, that cloud the ego. The mind is then prepared to receive the transformational grace of the divine that the occasion of Diwali offers.

As the saying goes, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”.

At no point of time in the year does the belief gather gigantic proportions than Diwali season. Because, we are grown up to believe that Goddess Lakshmi is partial in dispersing her blessings towards residents of cleaner homes. So, blessings is proportional to the cleanliness quotient of the house.This is also the reason why the broom is worshiped on this day.




A few days or even months before Diwali, everyone cleans, renovates and decorate their homes. The most difficult thing during diwali preparation is cleaning the house and your workplace but we, at Clean Drycleaners, offer a breadth of services that takes care of all the services from sofa, carpet, upholstery, cushion, mattresses cleaning to cleaning your cars.

Clean Drycleaners has come up with exciting DIWALI offers for homes, workplaces, auditoriums, movie theaters, cars etc. Availing these offers would mean that you celebrate Diwali without any hassles. Outsource and relax. So, what are you waiting for?

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