Clean Drycleaners

Giving a new look!

Car Drycleaning

 Cars are not just carrier of yours but it is a thing which adds reputation to your image so it must shine as you want your personality shining on. But it is not possible to make it shine by ordinary cleaning and if go on for proper cleaning, it will take enough time to get dried, even then there is no guarantee that it will be totally spot free and hygienic. To solve such situation we offer quality car dry cleaning solutions. We dry clean the cars and make the car shining totally inside as well as outside so that it can add as an affirmative thing to your personality.  In car dry cleaning services, our professional staffs aim to clean it totally in very less time so that you can enjoy your car easily without any kind of interruption because of cleaning purposes.

Teflon Coating

 The company is a well-known provider of Car Teflon Coating services. This service involves the provision of high quality Teflon coating to the exterior of cars. Our Car Teflon Coating services are provided to clients at the best prices in the industry, with a good amount of quality assurance. Our company makes available Car Teflon Coating for all kinds of cars. We specialize in rejuvenating your car's condition to as good as NEW - Showroom look. We are backed by state-of-art detailing technology & trained craftsmen who take care of your vehicle by deploying internationally approved detailing techniques.

Anti Rust

At Clean Drycleaners, we are committed to treat each car with utmost importance & special care. Cars are subjected to abrasion, which peels paint off, and eventually exposes metal to the corrosive effects of the environment. Under coating protects from corrosion, resists abrasion, deadens the sound, and covers weld and minor repairs. It’s always better to get an anti-rust and engine coating done if you stay in a city where pollution may lead to abrasion or paint peeling problem.