Clean Drycleaners

Giving a new look!

About Us

Clean Dry Cleaners is privately owned and operated; we provide premium quality services at your convenience. Our tailored residential and commercial services are available in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR.

Everyone has a penchant for expensive items; let it be your car or other interiors. Why then should you settle even for second best when it comes to dry cleaning them!

Our team of professionals specializes in cleaning residential and commercial  properties. We provide services for movie theaters, banquet halls, auditoriums, hotels and much more. Our staff is equipped with skills and competencies that, not only ensure consistency and promptness in service delivery, but also enable our customers to own and participate in our process. We have highly qualified and experienced staff with knowledge of modern trends in the market with experience drawn from some of the most successful service delivery set ups. Our state-of-the-art equipment combined with professional handling techniques replenishes the life of your possession, giving them a new look.

We cater to the need for regular care and maintenance of all valuable possessions. We always get the job done and we take pride in it. If you haven't tried our services yet, now is the time!